Dog training that turns disaster into devotion...

Wild!2 Wisdom

Dogs and Children

- Expecting a New Baby

- Toddlers and Dogs

- Stroller Walking with your Dog

- Young visitors to your Home


​It's All About You

In your home or on your street, Wild 2 Wisdom Dog Training provides a wide range of dog training and obedience consulting services 

Bark Me

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In-Home Consulting 

- Puppy Behaviours

- Impulse Control

- Integrating a New Member 

- Separation/Isolation Anxiety

- Pulling and Reactivity on Leash

- Crating issues

Wild 2 Wisdom Dog Training understands and respects your relationship with your dog. With this in mind, I will help you solve the mysteries of communication between you and your dog. Connecting with your dog will make training and obedience pleasurable and easy. A happy dog is a happy owner!

Wild 2 Wisdom Dog Training will be happy to help you choose a new family member that will be a perfect fit for your household and lifestyle, whether a new puppy or a rescue who needs a forever home.