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Sheryl Trekofski, Professional Canine Handler, Trainer & Consultant---

As a life long lover of dogs and of many other animal friends, I am pleased to be able to work with you and your dog.   Born in Manitoba, I moved to Ottawa at the age of eight with my military family, one of which was always of the canine variety.  After high school, I held diverse employment---a nursing aide with the elderly, a production planner in computer manufacturing, owned my own business, and then began working as an OC Transpo Bus Operator.

None of these jobs felt like a good fit; none were really my life’s calling. The constant---throughout my careers----was the faithful companionship of a dog---from Chihuahua to Newfie. Spurred by a nagging desire to take the spiritual connection I feel for dogs to a more professional level, I graduated and apprenticed at an Ottawa-based professional dog training school and served an 18 month apprenticeship.

 I have been a trainer and handler since 2011, and have been trained by some of the best animal behaviourists and trainers in the world---Cheryl Smith, Jane Madigan and have attended workshops and seminars with Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sophie Yin, Nicole Wilde, Ken Ramirez (Karen Pryor Clicker Training Institute), Suzanne Clothier, Kathy Szabo and Alexandra Horowivtz. I am member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers,(APDT). I have volunteered with Lanark Animal Welfare Society, (LAWS), a no kill shelter. At present I am volunteering for Australian Shepherd Rescue of Ontario~AROO. 

Combining all of the methodology and systems I have encountered, I have developed a personal approach to training--- a peaceful loving style of training that honours the dog's innate nature and instinct while building confidence and connection in both dog and owner/parent.

I am proud of my son and my two fantastic grandchildren. I live near the Greenbelt with my spouse, Kim, a Cock-a-poo, Goliath, rescue St. Bernard, Charles, and cat, Earl, who runs the house.  I am available to help with numerous habits, issues or training needs.  Bark me @ 613.769.4534

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